We have now officially retired! Our 2015 tomato sale was our last. Thank you to all our customers and friends who have supported us throughout the past years.

           We are leaving our website open for information only. 

Customers will be happy to hear that you will still be able to source heirloom tomato plants for the 2016 season as Russet House Farm near Cameron, Ontario will be holding their first Heirloom Tomato Seedling Plant sale May 21 to June 4, 2016

Watch for their website www.russethousefarm.ca – coming soon!!!


               Heirloom Tomatoes        ~for their old fashioned taste             

                                                               ~for their natural beauty

  • We all know that tomatoes are good for you, high in Vitamin C and A, a good source of fibre as well as containing high levels of the potent antioxidant “lycopene”. But the tomatoes available in supermarkets have been developed for their ability to be shipped long distances and remain on the market shelf for long periods of time. Their skin is often thick and tough and their taste is to say the least “unremarkable”.
  • But what is old has become new again! The longing for that old fashioned tomato taste that was thought gone forever has revived an interest in heirloom tomatoes; the varieties that were grown for hundreds of years by families who saved the seeds from these wonderful plants and passed them down from generation to generation.
  • We, at Spring Break Farm,  specialize in growing the largest selection of heirloom tomatoes in Central Ontario                                                          
  •  At our annual Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale in May we offer over 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Romantic names like “Mariana’s Peace, “Mountain Princess”, “Box Car Willie” represent tomatoes that were prized for their distinctive taste often described as “smoky”, “tangy”, “tart with a hint of spicyness” – rainbow colours- bright reds, soft pinks, mellow yellows, brilliant oranges, dark mysterious purple/blacks, sassy stripes and cool greens in a myriad of sizes and shapes – tomatoes whose size range from smaller than a dime to those that weigh in at over 2 pounds. These are the tomatoes that you won’t readily find in your supermarket or as plants in your local garden centres.

                         Join us for an heirloom tomato experience!

Latest News

2015 Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale dates are set! The sale will start Saturday, May 16 to Saturday May 23, 2015 (Closed Sundays). Some varieties sell out quickly so to be sure you receive your choices, e-mail your list to us at kawarthaspringbreakfarm@gmail.com. We will set aside your order for you to pick up during our sale dates.Tomatoes are  $2.50 each (incl HST) Cash only please.

The last tomato harvesting for 2011

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